Nicole Dobinson

Nicole Dobinson is an international coach, trainer and facilitator. In her work she draws from traditional schools of thought and weaves ancient wisdom together with modern science to achieve innovative insights and deeply penetrating results. An international relations and capacity building specialist by training, she has worked with the United Nations through to social entrepreneurs, designing creative solutions and preparing leaders for emerging change.

She is currently developing and delivering workshops that focus on expanding leadership in authentic and embodied ways. Her work has most recently taken her to Mexico, Ireland, Italy and the UK where she has been able to indulge in both her love of discovery and her passion for transformative change. With over 15yrs experience working in Europe, North and South America as well as the Caribbean, she brings a global mindset that crosses cultures and bridges divides to help move leadership forward in authentic and inspired ways.

Nicole is a long-time dancer and enjoys bringing the lessons of the dance floor onto the training room floor to reveal creative problem-solving insights. Her work is rooted in the premise that true leadership comes from within; its authentic, embodied and expresses outward from the creative core sourced within. She is fluent in Spanish and has proficiency in French and Italian. English is her native tongue.