Adrian DeCoursey

Adrian DeCoursey – Adie to his friends – is a strategic advisor and executive coach to CEOs, boards and leadership teams. He is also an international consultant, author and trainer. In a career spanning over thirty years, he has worked with governments, the not-for-profit sector, corporate banks and a variety of other organizations. His non-consultancy roles have included marketing director, culture & change director, deputy chief executive and non-executive director. With a vision to change the way organizations and people think, act and operate, Adie has worked with thousands throughout the world to help them successfully realize their vision. He is London-based and in his spare time likes to sing, dance and think about learning the guitar. Recent clients include Adidas; Volkswagen Audi; Mitsubishi; Sony; Kreab (London); 10 Downing Street; Northern Trust. Adie is also co-author of Neuro Linguistic Programming: NLP for Executive and Professional Development.