Marcus Hunter Neill

Marcus Hunter Neill is a communications facilitator and leadership mentor who delivers workshops and seminars across a variety of sectors. Marcus works with a toolbox of a different kind. Leaving school with no qualifications – a result of severe dyslexia and bullying – he very quickly excelled his way to adult life and career by cultivating the art of listening, watching and reading human behaviour to figure out what makes people tick. 

Marcus’s experience comes from the performing arts, media, property and cosmetics sales. Being one of the first leading drag artists and only male cosmetic salesperson in Northern Ireland – during the time before the ceasefire – was quite a challenge, yet this did not stop Marcus breaking down barriers and bringing communities of people together.  So much so, that when working Benefits Cosmetics, they changed their UK wide training slogan; “There is the Benefit way, and there is the Marcus way”. Marcus knows how to identify a weakness or quirky characteristic and turn it into a strength.

A colourful and hard working lifestyle allows Marcus to share his knowledge with others, to help, inspire and drive them forward in their own careers. If anyone knows how to conquer a blockage of self-belief or esteem, it’s Marcus. His team building, communication and sales techniques are a sight to behold.

Marcus has worked with BBC, Ch4, ITV, UTV, This Morning, globally for adidas, south East Education board, NSPCC, Childline, Children in Need, Benefits Cosmetics, Ilamasqua, MacMillan and ran Look Good Feel Better. He continues  his successful drag career in Northern Ireland and globally, in addition to working with Create Express. Marcus also has his own production company, working for the BBC, and is currently working on his first novel, again another challenge with dyslexia!