Virtual and live business simulations

Do you really want your newly promoted or ‘high potential’ leaders to experience high stakes situations ‘for real’ with zero tolerance for mistakes and no time for effective learning on the job? Now you don’t have to settle for this traditional, high-risk approach.

Create. Express. is delighted to partner with ‘Business Simulations’ to offer a combination of targeted psychometrics and strategy focused stimulation to support your learning design needs. Using this innovative approach, it is now possible to provide a safe environment where leaders can practice dealing with difficult situations, generate benchmarks and identify gaps in competencies to accurately inform leadership program design priorities.

Simulation-based learning diagnostics is more effective than traditional skills gap analysis because it enhances diagnostic accuracy by using 3 powerful and proven learning components – Gamification (which enlarges the participant’s conscious brain so that we can test ‘real behaviour’ as opposed to consciously shape behaviour), Business Simulation (testing aptitude, specific skills and knowledge) and Informal / Social Learning (testing EQ, team psychological safety and resilience).

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