Antonio Meza

Antonio Meza is an alchemist of collective imagination with a passion to move people from “blah blah” to “aha!” using development and communication techniques. He is fascinated by mythology, symbols and everything that creates links across cultures. Since childhood in Mexico he developed a career scriptwriting and audio-visual media. Moving to Paris he trained in personal and executive development and has facilitated over 250 workshops in cross-cultural communication and collective intelligence.

In 2015 he was awarded European champion of the International Speech contest by Toastmasters. He has illustrated eight books, including Robert Dilts’ “Success Factor Modeling” series. Travelling around the world as a coach, facilitator, and graphic facilitator he has worked for Louis Vuitton, Thales, Adidas, Sanofi, Airbus, and Deloitte. Antonio works in English, Spanish and French and is based in Paris with his wife Susanne, daughter Luz Carmen, and cats Atreju and Ronja.