NLP Business Practitioner Program Intensive

Our NLP Business Practitioner Intensive Program contains powerful methods and techniques that enable star performers to leverage the power of communication, performance habit development and future thinking to create a well-structured path to excellence and self-mastery.

We will teach you to:

Specific NLP topics you will cover are:

  • Fundamentals
    • Keys To Mastery
    • NLP Background
    • The COACH State
  • The Neuroscience Of Change, Learning And High Performance
  • The Foundations Of NLP
    • The Unconscious Mind
    • Presuppositions Of NLP
    • Pillars Of NLP
    • The NLP Communication Model
    • Perceptual Positions
    • Pattern Interrupts
  • Connection
    • Rapport
    • Sensory Acuity
    • Modalities And Sub Modalities
    • Predicates
  • Strategy And Planning
    • Intention And Outcome Based Thinking
    • Well-Formed Outcomes
    • Neurological Levels
    • Working with Values and Beliefs
  • State Management
    • Eliciting States
    • Creating States
    • Anchoring
  • Communication
    • The Hierarchy Of Ideas
    • Language Models
      • Meta Model
      • Milton Model
    • Pacing And Leading
  • Advanced Topics
    • Frames And Re-Framing
    • Swish For Optimal Uptime States
    • Negotiation Skills
      • The 5 Step Negotiation Model
      • Parts Integration As Negotiation
    • Problem Solving And Decision Making Using The Six Step Reframe
    • 4MAT Presentation Design
    • Hypnotic Storytelling
    • Hypnosis
    • Timelines

Specific skills you will be taught include:

  • How to connect with individuals and audiences
  • Selling yourself and your ideas
  • Managing your internal states for success
  • Developing positive and pro-active behaviours
  • Language models for persuasion, reflection, and innovation
  • How to identify core values and beliefs
  • Outcome-based vision development and goal setting
  • Modelling personal excellence
  • Developing personal flexibility
  • Connecting with your senses
  • Powerful change techniques
  • Principles of authentic leadership
  • Principles of negotiation










This training is aimed at achievement-oriented people that have a commitment to build an excellent and successful career. Completion of the pre-program work and full attendance at the Program entitles participants to an NLP Practitioner Certificate (Business) with the Society of NLP.

Our approach is built around pre-course reading and application, supported by a six day intensive residential training and optional post-training coaching support.

This training has been developed around proven principles from Neuro Linguistic Programming, Neuro Associative Conditioning, the very latest neuroscience research and many years of professional business experience from your program facilitator Cora Robinson.

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We limit the number of delegates on this program to ensure you get the personal attention you need, so be sure to register soon to avail of this unique opportunity!